Dress Code

Below is a list of dress code guidelines. These are simple, clear-cut guidelines to make dressing and shopping easier.


  • Black, navy, or khaki slacks, shorts, jumpers, or skorts.  
  • Shorts, jumpers, and skorts should not be more than 2” above the knee.
  • Short or long sleeve solid polo or collared dress shirts – any color.
  • Solid colored sweaters.
  • Black, navy, black, brown or white tights/socks.
  • Closed toed shoes/sneakers.
  • No heels, light-up or noise making shoes.


  • Black, navy, or khaki slacks or shorts.
  • Short or long sleeve solid polo or collared dress shirt – any color.
  •  Black, brown, navy or white socks.
  •  Closed toed shoes/sneakers.
  • No light-up or noise making shoes.
  • Black or brown belts must be worn. Shirts should be tucked in (K-8th grade).

Casual Friday

CCS students may observe casual day on Fridays throughout the school year. While the dress code is relaxed to include the wearing of jeans and allow more variety, students are still expected to dress modestly. Boys need to be mindful of wearing belts, and girls need to be mindful that leggings are paired best with longer shirts.

Breaking Dress Code

In the event that a child doesn’t follow the dress code, two reminder notes will be sent home.  If a parent needs to be contacted a third time, he or she will need to bring a change of clothes to school.

Basic Guidelines

These are basic guidelines for grooming practices at Crossville Christian School.  We are aware every contingency is not covered; however, the following principles are offered:

  • Dress and grooming that are conducive to order and learning. Be modest.
  • Avoid distracting clothing, jewelry, or hair styles to draw attention to oneself.
  • Keep hair clean, well groomed, and kept out of face.
  • For boys, the following are unacceptable grooming practices for school time:
    • Ornamental cuts or shaved designs in hair
    • Ponytails, top knots and unnatural hair color (e.g., blue, green, pink etc.
    • Visible body piercing, including earrings
    • Tattoos
    • Hats
  • For girls, the following are unacceptable grooming practices for school time:
    • Shaved heads, ornamental cuts or shaved designs in hair
    • Unnatural hair color e.g. blue, green, pink etc.
    • Visible body piercing (stud earrings are permitted)
    • Tattoos
    • Hats
    • Make-up by girls in the grammar school

Financial Assistance

Anyone who cannot financially supply the necessary clothing to meet the dress code may contact the Board of Directors.  Some financial help will be available.

Donation of Outgrown Uniforms

Parents are encouraged to donate the uniforms that their children outgrow to the school. There will be a designated place in the school where these items are kept, and throughout the school year parents and students will be reminded of this “closet” so that they do not throw out uniforms that no longer fit. Recycling uniforms helps to strengthen the program, ensures that all students can participate, and teaches children the value of giving.

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