Tuition Assistance

  • A limited number of scholarships are available for our students. Families should explore other financial assistance options, such as their church, family, and employer(s) in order to be considered for a scholarship.
  • Financial aid must be applied for in writing. You must be registered in order to receive applications. Scholarship applications must be completed annually by the family.
  • To be considered for a CCS scholarship, the Scholarship¬†Application¬†must be completed and returned to the CCS office within 2 weeks of receiving the child’s acceptance letter for the school year.
  • The Scholarship Committee will review applications for eligibility and interview the parent-applicants.
  • Scholarship applications will not be processed until the child has been accepted to CCS.
  • It is important to consider that Stewardship Hours (volunteer work) is required. The number of hours to be completed during the academic year will be 4 hours a month. CCS administration reserves the right to designate how those hours are to be served.